Inter-Cultivation in Farming involves operations in rows of standing crop, for example tilling, cultivating, weeding. Even today, our farmer is dependent on traditional practices that are labor intensive and depend on bullocks. Existing machinery cannot meet demands in inter-cultivation of Indian farms.

uTILL introduces India to the concept of using light machinery for inter-cultivation. We distribute machinery designed and manufactured by Husqvarna. Our machinery is:
  • Geared for Inter-Cultivation => best in its class, world-renowned
  • Designed for Indian conditions => made for India and tested rigorously in our farming conditions
  • Narrow width => can traverse through rows of standing crop for inter-cultivation
  • Easy to operate => operator fatigue is almost reduced to nothing
  • Easy to maintain => reduced expense and down-time
  • Affordable => value-for-money to every farmer, no matter how small your farm is
  • Brand Promise => comes with a promise of support, training and overall brand value
uTILL continually develops farm mechanization concepts for the benefit of our farmer. We have introduced high-value concepts to:
  • eliminate bullocks in Indian agriculture
  • increase labor productivity; hence reduce labor costs
  • increase farm yield by introducing innovative inter-cultivation practices